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Ain't Technology Great? -- what I am working on or find interesting at the moment plus answering some tech support questions.

TLC Health and Beauty -- discussion of health and beauty topics with products for you.

Interesting Health Blogs

Men's Health Blogs -- good stuff to follow

The Oz Blog -- from The Dr. Oz Show

Huffpost Healthy Living -- Healthy Lifestyle Advice, News and Community

The Lean Grean Bean -- Live Lean. Eat Green.

She Rocks Fitness -- Strong Is Beautiful

Fruit 'N' Fitness -- Finding Balance through Food, Friends, and Fitness

Fat2fitfred Blog -- Running and Weight Loss Journey

Nicki's Nook -- Words - Art - Places

Health Hub from the Cleveland Clinic

MyFitnessPal Blog -- Site news, diet tips, and other miscellaneous ramblings

Ben Greenfield the Get Fit Guy blogging on The Huffington Post

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