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This blog has had some bumps because that is the way I am. I started off with a mission - or so I thought - but with no clear goals in mind. I became distracted by other projects and this blog suffered as a consequence. But I am back now.

I have re-dedicated myself to this blog and to writing in general. I am an avid reader and always have been. But I also discovered I love to write. And I am not actually too bad at it. I even had a professor once mention that I could make money writing papers for others. Well I did not do that. I like to think that ethics prevented me.

I do like to write. Most of my college papers were much  longer than required. My grades were pretty good. And my grammar and spelling were at least adequate. This I attribute to having read so much. And to the language and writing teachers I have had along the way.

So here I am looking at writing for a much larger audience - I hope - than ever before. And I will be writing about topics that I am passionate about. Hopefully there will also be some readers out there who share my passions and find my ramblings at least, interesting. I will do my best to entertain and inform.

This blog will be about my efforts to become a better person. A more healthful individual. I do have my work cut out for me. I have become fairly sedintary. I spend entirely too much time at my computer. But I at least do understand some of what I must do and endure to achieve my goals.

My Goals are to do what I am best at, and that is to research. With this research there will be some action though. I plan on taking this tired old over weight body and infuse it with more energy and vitality as well as trim it up a bit. I am in a bit of a quandary though. How much do I share? Everything? Maybe.

I do wonder if there is an audience out there who will find any interest in my statistics. Things such as weight, dimensions, blood pressute, heart rate, activities, food consumption, and other mundane items of that ilk. I know I need to monitor and record such things. So why not? Why not share some of the charts I will be creating with all of you? If you have an opinion about such matters, please leave me a note.

Now more about me. I was born in the big city but grew up in a small town. I spent my last few years of high school living on a farm and participating in some sports. I like to think I was pretty fit. After high school I ended up on the southeast coast of the  U.S. working in the commercial fishing industry; shrimping in particular. Now that was Work. At that time I became the fittest I have ever been. But when the weather turned, and since the season was drawing near to close, I headed south back to my beloved Florida.

That was a good  thing. Along with a few jobs here and there I made new friends and renewed some old friendships. But most importantly, I met the love of my life. What can I say, I know that sounds a bit like a cliche but it happened. This girl was so darn cute, down-right beautiful if you must know, a bit shy, with a tight irresistable body. Yes! I was definitely attracted. It took some work to get her to pay attention to me and to eventually accept my request for a date.

We became inseparable. I just loved her company. Along with being easy on the eyes she felt so right in my arms and I loved going on walks with her, holding her hand, talking  but some times just enjoying being near her. Thirty two years, four children and four grand-children later, we are still together. Still enjoying each others company. And generally planning what we will do when we "grow up". I always feel better when my Tammy is nearby.

Along the way I have had a few "careers". Shortly after our courtship and subsequent marriage, Tammy and I embarqed on a journey to far away places that would get us out of our small town and force us to mature a bit. Why? Because I joined the U.S. Army and was at the mercies and command of others for the next 4 years. It was actually enjoyable. At least part of the time. We met and made new friends, saw new places, started our family, and ultimately returned to our small town.

Being in the military I not only learned discipline but how far I could push myself. I am still not sure I have discovered that limit. And I had thought that I knew all about "pushing" one's self after my farm life, sports, shrimping, and a while in construction, before the Army. So now I am thinking I will take some of that and push myself again. I need to be in better shape, be more physically and mentally fit, just need to be healthier.

So what have I been doing in the interim since my military days? Well I did electronics repair in the Army and ended up going back to school afterwards. I became an electronic technician having completed not only the Analog and Digital Electronics tracks at the local community college but also getting in to Robotics. Robotics was so interesting but I ended up working in the consumer electronics repair industry. And I did it all, audio, TVs, VCRs, microwave ovens and eventually getting into what I loved from college - computers.

After learning computers from the inside out, I fell into programming, which I loved. Being able to  code a routine or app and see it work, eventually as intended, helped fuel my creative side. Of course the world being what it is, I kept being pulled back into the hardware side of things where I became pretty adept at setting up servers and workstations as well as entire networks. I have held positions as Systems Administrator and Network Administrator, taught computers, networking, and math at the college and high school level, and eventually working for myself as a consultant. Which I still do. And I still joke about having a t-shirt or hat made with the saying "Rather Be Coding" emblazoned across it.

So back to what we are doing here. My idea, my plan, is to discuss items of interest to myself and hopefully, you all, concerning healthy living, physical fitness, maybe a little financial and technological bits, and my journey to being healthier, fitter, and generally decent human being. Will you join me? And will you ask a few questions and give me some idea of what kind of health and fitness information you would like to see. After all, this blog needs you, is for you, and I am a darn good researcher.

Thank you!
Pic of Dan & Tammy Carroll
Dan & Tammy Carroll

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  1. The only way you'll ever become a better person is if you die and are reborn. You're one of the few people I have ever come in contact with who lacks even the most basic shred of humanity or decency.

    Give up the notion that you can write. This garbage you publish is littered with sentence fragments and punctuation that you seem to have made up. Why you begin so many sentences with coordinating conjunctions I will never know, nor will I ever understand why you and wifey insist on "I seen you ..." What IS that Danny Boy? Why don't you do yourself a favor and try "I had seen ..." or "I have seen ..."

    Jesus, you are a moron.


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