Monday, September 13, 2010

Back To It

Okay, I got a little lazy this summer.  But now I'm back to it.  After dropping 40 pounds, I put 15 of them back on so I have my work cut out for me.  My wife, Tammy, has gotten her sister, Vonnie, to start walking and working out with her.  I'm also walking but a different, longer route than the ladies and was surprised to have my brother-in-law join in this morning.  So, maybe this will turn into a family affair.

Tammy and I continued our workout at home this morning while watching The Dr. Oz Show.  We even incorporated some of the 10-minute exercises featured on the show.  The Dr. Oz Show is a favorite show of ours.  I find the Doc to be knowledgeable, entertaining, and informative on some of today's issues.

I plan on commenting on some of his content her in this blog.  I would appreciate comments (and some followers) to get some good discussions going.  Until then, I will continue to put down my own thoughts and observations here on things to do with Getting Fit and Being Healthy.

I tend to research topics and will put some of my findings here also.  I know that the 'Net is a place full of content that may not always be accurate, so if you find anything here that isn't factual, please let me know.  Just be for-warned that I will double-check the facts and call you on it if I prove myself.

So, be sure of your facts before correcting my posts.  Just because you "heard" it somewhere, or you "feel" it may not be right, doesn't make it so.  Check your facts.  And I don't mind being challenged.  That's what makes for a lively discussion.

Thank you for reading this and please leave a comment.  I'm also interested in discussing any topics that you have an interest in.  Just remember to keep it health related in keeping with the theme here.  Now, I wonder if there is any interest out there in health related articles.  Some of these posts might qualify for redistribution.

You all have a great day and keep fit.  -- Dan Carroll

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