Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Getting Fit . . . and Staying Healthy

OK, this is my true goal.  Get fit and healthy, and stay there.  Is it easy?  Heck no!  I tend to be lazy in these areas.  I have a true interest in health.  Really.  I listen to health news and watch shows on health and read some about these subjects online.

I'm not into crazy fads and listening to people rant about health issues.  I want facts.  That's the way I am.  And that is what I hope to bring to the table in this blog of mine.  The facts and nothing but the facts.  At least how I see them.  I have a straight-laced, no nonsense approach to life.

I'm a technical type and like to do my own research.  So that is what I'll cover here.  Some research, and some opinion.  Not only mine, but that of others.  Whatever I feel lends relevancy to the topic on hand.

I may wander a bit.  Meander really.  But I hope to make a point in each posting.  And make one that makes sense to people.  And, hopefully spark a conversation or two.  So feel free to add your two cents worth.

Now I admit, I may come off a bit biased in some cases.  (Aren't we all -- biased in our own way?)  But will strive to stick to the facts.  And of course, my own commentary will be thrown in.  My own observations, as you will.

I will also include findings (research) with links to what I have found.  I won't always agree with the links I provide and will include commentary to that effect.  Discussion is good.  The best way to learn in my opinion. Get a dialogue going.   Hash it all out.  Start some controversy and get the ball rolling.  You get the idea?

And I'm sure after a few posts, everyone will see that I like to watch The Dr. Oz Show.  I'll admit a certain bias here.  His show IS entertaining.  But for me, the real draw is that he covers relevant, timely topics in an intelligent, informative way.  The man does his research, and brings in experts to back him up.

Dr. Oz isn't about his opinion and some weird pseudo science (like some of the odd-ball diets out there).  He brings into play the science and research concerning health issues, debunks commonly held ideas that may be erroneous, and does it in an entertaining way.  What else can you ask for in a TV show on health?

I'll also be bringing in the opinions of others.  Some of these I won't be agreeing with.  And others I may only partly agree with.  A prime candidate here would be my wife.

She is a lovely, intelligent woman.  Not the book smart type (that's me), but a down-to-earth, common sense type of person (she is).  She reads (books), but only when it is extremely interesting to her.  She prefers conversation.

She is always chatting with friends, family, and acquaintances, online and on her cell phone.  A very sociable person, she is.  And I love her for it.  She is the Yin to my Yang.  Opposites we are but very complimentary to each other (as far as talents go).  Follow along and you'll see what I mean.

I definitely will wander around a bit.  Especially on health issues.  So I will be covering a lot of topics concerning getting fit and healthy.  And staying there.

I have to get fit.  I know this.  But it isn't always easy.  Too many distractions in life.  So, I hope I can interest a few people in following along on my journey and, hopefully, maybe even influence a few.  Positively influence that is.

Wishing life, happiness, and prosperity to all, till we meet again.     (I know.  It's a bit cheesy.)

Monday, September 13, 2010

Back To It

Okay, I got a little lazy this summer.  But now I'm back to it.  After dropping 40 pounds, I put 15 of them back on so I have my work cut out for me.  My wife, Tammy, has gotten her sister, Vonnie, to start walking and working out with her.  I'm also walking but a different, longer route than the ladies and was surprised to have my brother-in-law join in this morning.  So, maybe this will turn into a family affair.

Tammy and I continued our workout at home this morning while watching The Dr. Oz Show.  We even incorporated some of the 10-minute exercises featured on the show.  The Dr. Oz Show is a favorite show of ours.  I find the Doc to be knowledgeable, entertaining, and informative on some of today's issues.

I plan on commenting on some of his content her in this blog.  I would appreciate comments (and some followers) to get some good discussions going.  Until then, I will continue to put down my own thoughts and observations here on things to do with Getting Fit and Being Healthy.

I tend to research topics and will put some of my findings here also.  I know that the 'Net is a place full of content that may not always be accurate, so if you find anything here that isn't factual, please let me know.  Just be for-warned that I will double-check the facts and call you on it if I prove myself.

So, be sure of your facts before correcting my posts.  Just because you "heard" it somewhere, or you "feel" it may not be right, doesn't make it so.  Check your facts.  And I don't mind being challenged.  That's what makes for a lively discussion.

Thank you for reading this and please leave a comment.  I'm also interested in discussing any topics that you have an interest in.  Just remember to keep it health related in keeping with the theme here.  Now, I wonder if there is any interest out there in health related articles.  Some of these posts might qualify for redistribution.

You all have a great day and keep fit.  -- Dan Carroll

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Hit a Plateau

OK, I've plateaued. Time to kick it again. Not as consistent as I should be on my workouts and slipping on eating healthy. So here goes, cut out sugar and all carbs that I can unless they are whole grain or naturally occurring in my fruits and vegetables. Nothing processed or added in. Then, gotta kick up my workout routine; more time, more cardio, more often. Gotta see if I can break 220. You all have a good one. I'll pray for you all and accept any prayers sent my way.

In case any one is interested, I have gone from my high of 267 last summer to 224 now. Been fluctuating between 224 and 227 for over a month now. Most of my weight was lost last January through March. Time to get'er done. Smile ya'll!

Friday, March 26, 2010


We all know that we should exercise more. And the easiest way to get started is to just start walking. Thirty minutes a day really isn't so difficult. If you can't find the time just get real with yourself. You are just looking for an excuse.

When I first started I was taking walks with my wife around the neighborhood. No effort rreally. Then I started walking at work. With a couple of 10 or 15 minute breaks and a lunch break, I was able to get in 30 to 40 minutes at work and still eat and take care of necessities.

As it is now, I'm not getting enough walking in so end up doing some as part of my workout. I still have the dog to walk and I don't mind walking to town (15 min) or to my in-laws (30 min) now. Another thing is to park away from the entrances at the mall or shopping centers. Some extra walking and get to save the car from shopping carts and other car doors by parking away from the congested areas.

Finally, I need to buy a quality pedometer and start counting the steps I take every day. I believe the standard recommendation by health and fitness experts is to take at least 10,000 steps each day. How many steps are you getting in every day? I'm sure I'm not getting enough but will start working on it.

I hope this has helped someone. Please leave a note with your comment or suggestion. Any and all (constructive) criticism is appreciated. Here's to your health and your getting fit. Till we meet again, take care.


Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Just to state the obvious, or not so obvious for some maybe, but any and all content contained in my blogs or on these pages is nothing more than my opinion. I am not a medical doctor or a physical trainer, neither am I a dietician. Before you begin any physical activity or diet program, you should consult your physician and/or your dietician.

All claims I make are either directly connected to my own experience or to the experiences of others, or are based on my own research or that of others as noted. Some claims may be based on advertising claims for individual products that I use and/or endorse. I am advising all readers to exercise their own best judgement before trying anything discussed or advertised in my blogs or on these pages.

My express purpose is to provide a forum for discussing my own experiences and research as well as that of select others and the readers of my blog. This is my forum to discuss getting fit. And that is to include physical, mental, and financial fitness, and I guess that would also probably include spiritual fitness.

So let's open the floor for discussion of these areas and please keep it clean. It may be advisable to host discussions of a political or religious nature elsewhere as these two topic areas tend to get quite heated. I am also requesting that we all keep content as clean as possible. If you wouldn't use certain language with a young child or a religious leader or respected elder, then please refrain from using it here. My hope is that this venue will be enjoyable and provide a modicum of useful information.

So, salute! I hope you all enjoy and am looking forward to the future.


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

FW: Introduction

From: DAN Carroll <>
Sent: Tuesday, March 23, 2010 11:03 PM
To: Blogger ( <>
Subject: Introduction

Hello, my name is Dan and this blog is about my trail to getting fit. Or trials. I'm 48 years old and have had a desk job for years. I started walking at work last year during my breaks. I also attempted to start a workout program at home.

It didn't really work too well though. My goal was to work out at least 3 times a week and I was lucky to get 1 work out every other week.

Finally, about 2 months ago, in mid January, I was successful in starting, and sticking to, a daily work out schedule. This is now my ninth week doing a 1 to 2 hour workout at least 5 days a week.

My goal is to get fit. Weight loss is a side benefit. I have lost 37 pounds since my heaviest point (267) last summer. 12 of those pounds have been in the last 9 weeks. 10 of the 12 has been since I started the Nutrilite Trim Body System 2 1/2 weeks ago.

I had reached a plateau on my weight loss at 240 pounds. I wasn't really following any set system, just doing my own thing. Most of what I was doing was calisthenics and hand weights. My strength was increasing on almost a daily basis.

I started with 3 reps of 20 arm curls using 10 pound weights. That was more than enough to start burning and start hurting. I worked up to 3 reps of 100 before moving up to 18 pounds. I was really getting into it but afraid I might become obsessed.

As I said, I can feel my strength increasing. But cardios kick my butt. I was following Gilad on fitTV but couldn't always keep up. The Trim Body system did help though. It gave me some needed structure, both for my workouts and menus.

Ok, enough for now. Too be continued.


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