Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Procrastination Has Got to Go!

Procrastination? Or writer's block? Not sure what to blame but I have to get up off my keester and get busy. I need to write more and workout more. What good is a blog if there is no fresh content? And what am I going to post about if I'm not doing something to get fit? After all, that is what this blog is about.

So, here's an update. I am down another pound. As I have stated before, I am not into this primarily for weight loss but for fitness. But my doctor has stated that most of my ailments will probably correct themselves with a good amount of weight loss. So that is a concern. And a goal. Lose weight.

I have been able to go from an all time high of 267 pounds at the start of this year down to 241 pounds at yesterday's weigh in. Not too bad. So that is about 26 pounds in roughly 15 weeks. I can live with that.

Now got to get busy with a daily workout. I need it. I can do it. I have done it before.

Just have to stop spending so much time "educating myself" on the computer. But there is so much out there on the Internet to discover. And I need to learn "everything" about blogging too. Right?

Okay, enough of that. Gotta go and get sweaty. You all have a great day. I certainly am - or at least try like heck to. Later.

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