Thursday, May 20, 2010

Hit a Plateau

OK, I've plateaued. Time to kick it again. Not as consistent as I should be on my workouts and slipping on eating healthy. So here goes, cut out sugar and all carbs that I can unless they are whole grain or naturally occurring in my fruits and vegetables. Nothing processed or added in. Then, gotta kick up my workout routine; more time, more cardio, more often. Gotta see if I can break 220. You all have a good one. I'll pray for you all and accept any prayers sent my way.

In case any one is interested, I have gone from my high of 267 last summer to 224 now. Been fluctuating between 224 and 227 for over a month now. Most of my weight was lost last January through March. Time to get'er done. Smile ya'll!

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